Female Rapper Mulatto Gets Dragged For Saying She’s Black

Female rapper Mulatto’s name has always been pretty problematic, now MTO News has learned she’s going viral over it. 

In the past, when asked about her name, as well as how she identifies racially, she has always been ambiguous. During an interview with VladTV a few years ago, Latto (as she’s called by fans) said that she doesn’t “like identifying with anything specific” but if she has to, she would say she’s “bi-racial, mulatto, I don’t like saying I’m white or Black.”

But now she seems to be changing her tune. Mulatto is currently locked in a pretty interesting scandal – after multiple women claim that she’s a weave thief.

In the midst of her current scandal, Mulatto got into it with a number of trolls who were dragging her down. 


One person in particular said, “I never liked this b*tch she wanna black so bad, hoe HUSHHHHHHH” about the rapper and, in response, Latto said: “I am black dumb ass bitch. Who gone ‘hush’ me???”

This new racial identity has some on Twitter confused, and they are dragging the rapper for it:

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