Female Rapper BIG LATTO Gets Breast Surgery . . . Each New Boob Weighs 5 LBS!! (Watch)

Female rapper Big Latto is one o the biggest stars in the world. Her new song Big D**K Energy has been on the Billboard Top 10 for the past two months.

Well now the female rapper has added a couple of extras to her image. Ad those extras weigh a reported 5 pounds EACH.

MTO News has learned that over the summer Big Latto flew to the Dominican Republic to get a body rejuvenation. In addition to getting a BBL, the hottest female rapper in the game also got some new breast implants.

And it wasn’t just any implants. MTO News learned that Big Latto’s new breasts were made out of a more dense material – to make them feel more “perky.”

Given their size and density, MTO News was told that each of her breasts weighs approximately 5 pounds.

They have an interesting look to them, and they move pretty well. Look:

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