Female Rapper Big Latto Album Gets PUSHED BACK . . . Because She Refused To SLEEP w/ GUY!

Rapper Big Latto was set to have one of the most anticipated female album releases of 2022. Unfortunately the album has been pushed back, because she was unable to get “clearance” from a male rapper with whom she has a Collab.

And the reason why the male rapper isn’t giving her the clearance, is because Latto refuses to sleep with him.

Here’s Latto explaining what happened:

Latto told the interviewer, “There’s feature on my album that was difficult to clear, and the rapper was trying to hop their nuts on me because I wouldn’t respond to a DM.”

The beautiful and talented rapper claim that the male rapper is holding up her album – unless she sleeps with him.

And the creepy male rapper is messing up her career. MTO News confirmed that Bog Latto’s album was scheduled to be released on March 25th now it’s labeled as “scheduled to be released” with no date by RCA.

Here’s Latto’s response to her album getting pushed back:

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