Female Rapper Azealia Banks Claims She’s Having Kanye West’s Baby!!

Kanye West is hoping to start dating soon according to new reports, and this time he wants to date a creative artist. Well MTO News has confirmed that fellow rapper Azealia Banks is throwing her hat in the ring –  and suggesting that she and Kanye have already been hooking up.

Yesterday the mainstream media began circulating a report that Kanye is opening himself up to dating, but is looking to date another creative person. He recently split with the mother of this three children, Kim Kardashian.

When Azealia saw one report of Kanye’s alleged new preference, she responded with, “It’s me guys. The powerful black demon entity awaiting in my ovaries and Kanye’s testicles is finally about to be unleashed on the world.”


It’s not clear whether Azealia was shooting her shot at the rapper, or trying to let fans know that she and Kanye are already involved.

Shortly after fans began circulating the Tweet, and asking Azealia about the nature of her relationship with Kanye – MTO News learned that the female rapper deleted the message.

Read her post for yourself.

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