Female Chicago Goon Gets Into Shootout w/ Police: ‘I Ain’t Going To Jail’!!


Chicago police got into a gun battle on the city streets – with a gun toting gangster woman – and the woman is STILL ALIVE after getting into a firefight with half a dozen officers, MTO News has learned.

Now video of the shootout has been released, which shows exactly how it all went down.

The video shows officers approaching an illegally parked car Jan. 9. Police ordered the occupants to exit the vehicle, two of the passengers complied, but the driver remained in the car. Then another officer spoke to the driver, a woman, and asked her to get out of the car.


The woman – who local reports say is a feared member of a local Chicago gang, can be seen pulling out a gun and yelling “I ain’t going to jail!”

The officers quickly retreated, took cover and opened fire on the woman inside the car. It appears that she returned fire, but it’s unclear.

Meanwhile, her friends and/or associates who were now face down on the street begged her to surrender. After a few minutes, the woman who was seemingly shot, was no longer shooting back at police and was apprehended.

The woman was hospitalized, and her condition is stabilized. No officers were injured during the shooting as well.

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