FBG Duck’s Mom Slams Lil Durk For Dissing Her Dead Son: You Probably Did Illuminati Him!!


Chicago rapper Lil Durk recently released his new album, The Voice — but he took a shot at slain rapper FBG Duck, and his mother is not happy about it.

“I told my PO thru the gate that I get high as f*ck/ She ask me how high do I get, I told her high as Duck!” he rapped on the track.

Duck’s mom LaSheena Weekly took to her social media to call Durk out:

“Now he wanna get high as f*ck, he about to get high like Duck,” she says, speaking to someone out of view.

“Well, he better take that sh*t with who made V Roy gone, not my muthaf* ckin’ son,” she continued. “Cause he ain’t do it. Remember they had a song together? Remember they hashed they differences? Muthaf*ckas steady wanna for the industry, this is proof! Y’all really showing y’all rich off mentioning my muthaf*ckin’ son! Y’all rich off mentioning Tooka, show yo’ craft! Do something else besides dissin’ music!”

She added, “Show muthaf*ckas that you really — go pop! Do like my son was trying to do, he was trying to crossover! Yo ass sittin’ up here mentioning somebody who ain’t give two f*cks about you. He was right, you prolly did Illuminati him. You prolly did send him to get bodied…”

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