Fat Joe’s ALLEGED ‘Snitch Documents’ Leak . . . His Opps Put ‘PAPERWORK’ On Twitter!! (READ)


Rapper Fat Joe is known for his legendary music, an his great personality. But before Fat Joe was a lovable rap legend – he was HEAVILY ACTIVE in the streets of New York.

And while in the streets he’s made his share of enemies. And now MTO News has learned that one of his enemies is circulating documents that he claims proves that Fat Joe may have snitched on local drug dealers, 31 years ago.

We know what you’re wondering, who cares what Fat Joe did 30 years ago – when he was just a teenager.

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MTO News was also not able to authenticate the records, which purportedly were produced by the government, when one of the men convicted by Joe’s alleged testimony, came up for appeal. 

Here are the alleged documents:

In the “paperwork” above, that is circulating on Twitter, police claim to have a statement from Fat Joe where he told on two local drug dealers/killers from the Bronx. 

Both men were charged with racketeering, and received a LIFE sentence in prison. They’ve been fighting their convictions for the past 30 years.

When the paperwork first began circulating online last year, Fat Joe came out on social media – and blasted the “snitch” allegations as lies and the paperwork was a forgery.

What do you think?

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