Fat Joe Says He Almost Got On Stage During The Lox & Dipset Verzuz

Fat Joe says he was so excited by The Lox and Dipset Verzuz that he almost climbed on stage.

“It’s over. I’m like … goosebumps. Goosebumps. ‘The home of 9-11.’ Oh my god. This is … yes, yes, Dipset. F*cking right. I’m sitting there adjusting my mask, just when I thought it couldn’t get better, Jadakiss comes on and goes, ‘Hey Harlem, I really outside, you know me, it’s Jada.’ Boom. Boom. Boom,” he says.

“The place went nuts. I lose my mind. I’m going f*cking apesh*t crazy. I can’t control the passion. Now I was neutral. but when the sh*t come on that I’m on, I f*cking lose it. I almost pulled a Lil Mama and rang up on the ring. I wanted the smoke at that point. I wanted the smoke! When they dropped the sh*t, half the audience looked at me.”


The two rap groups went head to head but viewers gave the win to Dipset, mostly because of Jadakiss.

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