Fat Joe: Everybody Is Scared To Do A Verzuz w/ Busta Rhymes

Fat Joe is claiming that everyone is scared to go up against Busta Rhymes on a Verzuz stage… including himself.

“Fat Joe scared to do Verzuz with Busta Rhymes and so is everybody else. You gotta understand, sometimes you ever notice — you seen boxers and they knock everybody out? People be scared to fight those boxers,” he said.

“Busta Rhymes is gonna outrap, outperform anybody who goes up in a Verzuz with him. That’s a fact. Yo, Busta Rhymes nobody wanna get in there with you, man. You might have to be an honorary — they gotta give you the check for no reason.”

Both Fat Joe and Ja Rule wanted to battle 50 Cent who turned them both down.


“It’s not cause he scared or he’s not one of the greatest who ever lived, he just ain’t f*cking with that. I tell you what — 50 Cent gon’ be a billionaire, a real billionaire. You gotta understand, 50 Cent got a bunch of TV shows. TV. That’s not rap music. That’s a different type of money,” Fat Joe said at the time/

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