Fat Joe: DJ Khaled Is The Quncy Jones Of Hip-Hop!!


Fat Joe is a huge fan of DJ Khaled, and has even claimed the producer is the “Quincy Jones” of the culture.

“People take away the greatness from Khaled and they say, ‘Well he just gets a bunch of big-time rappers and puts them on the same song,’” Joe said. “There’s a million DJs and producers that try that, and those ain’t hit records. And it’s been a long time since we heard Nas and Jay-Z on what to me sounds like a smash hit, like a smash hit, that can play on the radio, it’s streaming incredibly. So DJ Khaled really is the Quincy Jones of hip-hop right now.”

After receiving backlash from fans, Joe hopped online to defend himself

“All these back seat drivers Monday morning quarterbacks always got an opinion but can’t do it themselves sh*t crazy.” Joe wrote on Instagram. “To me the term Quincy jones of this time was used in reference to the work Khaled has put in years and years of hit obviously there’s only one Quincy but f*ck it tune in tonight EXPLOSIVE lol.”


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