Fat Joe Denies Snitching Claims: This Is False Paperwork!!

Fat Joe has responded to claims that he is a snitch.

“I’m at another level in my life. So I have friends, the biggest in the world, the biggest in the game, hitting me up [like], ‘Yo Joe, don’t respond to these people. You bigger than that… ‘Cause you know yesterday’s price is not today’s price,'” he said. “And mind, you I’m in Hermes.” 

He adds, “This is the most fabricated, false paperwork I’ve ever seen in the history of mankind. This is disgusting,” saying he recognizes the people on the paperwork and they are in prison.

“Those guys on that paperwork, I don’t know them. They don’t know me,” he continued. “So you put a little white-out on a piece of paper and you write Joseph Cartagena’s name. And you guys break my heart if you fall for that. You guys are disgusting ’cause I am the one guy who’s successful and still walks these streets.”

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