Fat Joe Apologizes For ‘Wuhan Virus’ Lyric

Fat Joe has issued an apology after a verse where he references the “Wuhan virus,” premiered last week.

Benny The Butcher’s new project, The Plugs I Met 2, dropped, and on track “Talkin’ Back,” Fat Joe raps: “Threw that white up in the pot, gave ’em pipe dreams/And watch it spread like the Wuhan Virus/Do ’em dirty for the low like Wu-Tang’ Sirus (ODB).”

Of course, he immediately faced backlash. Right now, violence against Asian Americans is at an all-time high, thanks to Trump and members of the GOP referring to covid-19 as the “Wuhan virus” and the “China virus.”


Fat Joe hopped online to issue an apology to his fans who were offended.

“I’ll adress the Benny verse. I did that verse a year ago when the news was calling it the wuhan virus before they called it COVID i support and love all my asian brothers and sisters never hate,” he wrote.

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