Fans Call Child Services On Summer Walker: ‘Her Baby Is Malnourished’! (Pics)

R&B singer Summer Walker is facing an investigation by California’s Child Protective Services, MTO News has learned – after at least three people contacted the agency to report suspected child abuse. Fans reported Summer after she posted an image of her 2 month old baby – looking emaciated.

The fans are claiming that Summer is not properly feeding the child – and so they asked the California government to get involved. The fans became worried, when Summer posted this pic, showing an extremely thin child.

Summer, 24, welcomed her first child with the hip-hop producer, London on da Track, 30, in March. And while there’s no official word yet on the baby’s name, the couple affectionally refer to her as ‘Princess Bubblegum’.

Summer has very unorthodox parenting ideas. For example, she’s a vegan and doesn’t believe in giving infants baby formula.

Summer Walker Getting Strangled By London on da Track

Last week, she posted an image – where it appears that Summer created her own home made baby formula using hemp seeds, lime juice, and honey. Look:

But here’s a problem with this – a two month old’s digestive system is unable to digest hemp seeds, or lime, or honey. In fact, those ingredients could be deadly for an infant to ingest. At two months a baby should only be consuming breast milk or formula.

Here’s a close up of Summer’s baby – who appears very slender.

MTO News confirmed that authorities contacted Summer – and they may have opened an investigation.

The R&B singer is FURIOUS with her fans, and is threatening to end all fan related events to get back at them for reporting her. Look:

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