Fan Bodyslammed On Stage During Lil Baby Performance

A fan of Lil Baby’s tried to climb on stage to give the rapper a dap during his live performance but was dragged off and bodyslammed.

Lil Baby tried to avoid the dap and pointed to his security to get the fan off the stage. The security guard then runs up on the boy, who looks confused, picks him up, slams him to the ground, and drags him off the stage. 

In July, the rapper was arrested after cops suspected him of transporting illegal drugs.

French newspaper Le Parisien reports that the cops checked a vehicle that smelled like cannabis.

Basketball star James Harden and Lil Baby were in Paris for Fashion Week. Hours later, Lil Baby was detained in Paris’ 8th arrondissement late afternoon. Harden was stopped by the police, but he was not detained. The investigation is still ongoing.


Lil Baby was born in Atlanta, Georgia. He is one of the hottest rappers out right now and is best known for his songs “Drip Too Hard” and “The Bigger Picture” – a protest song that was released after the death of George Floyd.

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