Famous Dex Robbed At Gun Point!!

Rapper Famous Dex has claimed that he was robbed at gunpoint.

According to TMZ, the rapper told them that he connected with a friend who allowed him to borrow a $50,000 watch for a video shoot. The rapper claimed that after collecting the watch, he was followed by unknown assailants. When he reached his car, he said that the men pulled guns on him and demanded the watch and the thousands of dollars he had in his possession.

The police are investigating the robbery.

Famous Dex has been making news recently after he was admitted to rehab for a reported drug addiction. He has since been released from rehab, but fans are concerned that the rapper is still using after he hopped on live — seemingly intoxicated. Dex claimed that he’s never used hard drugs though, only marijuana.


“I’ve never been the type to be in folks business but @300 y’all see @FamousDex obviously on drugs too heavy can y’all at least try surrounding that man around somebody with his best interest,” NLE Choppa wrote at the time. “Help dude out, or somebody who already is in her ear uplift dude he NEEDING it.”

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