Famous Dex Fans Worried About His Drug Use Following New Video!!

Rapper Famous Dex has his fans worried about him once again after he posted a video of himself on social media — and he did not look good.

Dex took to his page to share a snippet of his new fans, but those watching could not focus on the music, instead they were worried that Dex’s alleged drug use may have taken a downward spiral again.

“Dude need to get help. He’s addicted to drugs and it’s sad,” one viewer wrote.

“Damn bruh look f*cked up somebody need to let him know to calm all that sh*t down. this n*gga need a reality check,” wrote another.

This time last year, fans were concerned after Dex appeared to nod off with a blunt in his hand on Live, and was out for quite a few seconds. The lit blunt appeared to be burning into one of his hands, but that surprisingly did not wake him. His team later announced that they would be “monitoring” his drug use.

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