FACETIME Vid Of Kay Flock Minutes Before Shooting Opps Leaks – He’s DONE!! (Video)

Popular 18 year old New York City rapper Kay Flock is in a world of trouble. Police say that he pulled up on one of his opps, and killed him in cold blood.

Police released a screenshot of the killer, and he was wearing a Black Moncler jacket and had on designer jeans. Here’s the screenshot that police released of the shooter:

Well MTO News discovered a video on social media, purporting to show Kay Flock just minuted before the shooting. And the man in the video was wearing the same Moncler jacket, and showing off a pistol in his waistband.

If the video turns out to be Kay Flock – then he’s cooked.


Kay Flock is one member of the rap group called Thraxxx and performs alongside artists whose stage names are Lizzle, Freakshow, and Boogie Snow. He’s also one of the hottest young rappers in the New York City drill scene.

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