EXPLOSIVE: Rapper Lil Nas X Is ‘NO LONGER’ Gay!!


Rapper Lil Nas X is the most famous openly gay rapper in history. Well now it appears that he may no longer wish to identify as “gay.” MTO News has learned that Lil Nas X and his team are working on updating his image – as a straight man.

Lil Nas X gave us all a preview of his “new” identity this weekend, when he tweeted out this:

There have long been rumors around music circles that Lil Nas X is really bisexual – with a preference for women. 

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But according to the rumors that MTO News has heard, Nas X played up his “gay” image for clout and fame. Here’s comedian and entertainment insider TK Kirkland explaining the rumors:

So what should we expect from Lil Nas X going forward? “Pure f*ckery,” a person close to the rapper explained. “Nas knows how to grab a headline, and you better believe he’s going to do it with this.”

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