EXCLUSIVE: Kanye’s Homies RAN DOWN On DL Hughley In L.A. . . . POLICE Was Called! (Video)

The Kanye West vs DL Hughley beef just got VIOLENT, MTO News has learned. This weekend, a group of men who are affiliated with Kanye West reportedly RAN DOWN on DL Hughley as he was having dinner with his family in Malibu, California MTO News has learned.

And one of the men who ran down on DL – rapper Theophilus London – posted video of the confrontation on Instagram. MTO News learned that security, and eventually police were called to intervene.

It all started on Saturday, when DL Hughley made the mistake of posting an image on social media, showing himself and his family having dinner at a popular Malibu restaurant. BIG MISTAKE.

That’s because a few of Kanye’s friends, including rapper Theophilus London, were in Malibu. So the crew drove to Nobu to confront the comedian, MTO News confirmed.

A couple of minutes after arriving, Theophilus can be seen on video walking by DL’s table while saying something slick. Then, moments later, the rapper and one other man confronted DL in what appears to be the bathroom.


He posted a screenshot from the clip showing the comedian dressed in a light purple tracksuit while he looks back into London’s eyes. 

The rapper’s arm can be seen extended towards DL like he was throwing his hands around during the interaction.

MTO News spoke with a person close to DL who told us “[DL] was there with his mother, his wife, and other FEMALE members of his family – so he didn’t want any trouble.”

The insider confirmed that DL’s party first called security, and then eventually police were called.

There was no violence, luckily for everyone involved. We can’t wait for DL to address this on his radio show . . . 

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