EXCLUSIVE: Chaka VERY LATE To Last Night’s Verzus, Appeared To Be ‘VISIBLY DRUNK’!!

Last night’s Verzus between legendary singers, Chaka Khan and Stephanie Mills, was amazing, but it started off rocky.

MTO News spoke with a person behind the scenes at the event, who told us that Chaka arrived nearly an hour late, and appeared to be “visibly intoxicated.”

The insider told MTO News, “Chaka has always been a diva, so no one expected her to show up on time, but an hour late to a live scheduled event is too much.”

The insider claims that Chaka was rushed through hair and makeup, and made it onto the stage  – about an hour after the scheduled start time.

But there was something off about the way that Chaka was moving and talking. Her speech seemed slurred and at times she had trouble walking.

Our insider explained, “Chaka appeared to be visibly drunk. I can’t say for sure because I didn’t see her drink anything. But she was acting really drunk.”

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And our insider isn’t the only ones who noticed Chaka’s weird behavior. Black Twitter seems to think she was drunk too. Look:

We hope she wasn’t drunk last night, as she has struggled with alcohol addiction for many years. But her appearance yesterday is causing fans to think she may have relapsed.

Chaka, in the past, has battled drug addiction and alcohol abuse. Her father was a heroin user as well. Reportedly, she once mixed sleeping pills with cocaine and almost died. Chaka’s struggles with drugs was well known within the industry but it was her addiction to alcohol that seemed the most gripping, and continued until the early 2000s. Then she became sober. But after an injury, she developed an addicted to painkillers. 

Poor Chaka.

Since 2013, however, Chaka has been trying to stay clean and sober and said publicly, 

“I call myself an ex-addict. For years, I was having fun, and it all made fun more fun for me. But life changes.”

For those who missed the Verzus last night, here’s the video:

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