Erykah Badu SUGAR MAMA: Pays 25 Yr Old BF’s Bills, Car & Gives Him Allowance! (Pics)

Erykah Badu has a new boyfriend, who is much much younger than the 50 year old Neo-soul legend. According to multiple sources close to Erykah, she’s dating a 25 year old rapper – who she also moved into her home.

Erykah’s boyfriend is 25 year old rapper/producer Jaron – he’s very handsome – and Erykah really seems to be smitten with the young man.

So smitten, MTO News has learned, that Erykah’s opening up her pocketbook for this guy and dropping thousands on him.

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And MTO News has learned that in addition to paying for her new bae’s housing – Erykah also lavishes him with gifts, and provides him with a very generous “living allowance,” which amounts to many thousands each month.

“She’s a full on sugar mama, paying that young man for the d**k,” a person close to Erykah told MTO News.

And that’s not all, MTO News has learned that Erykah even bought the young man a car – a Tesla. Erykah’s pal explained, “Erykah has everything in her name though. She may be tricking on that boy, but she ain’t no fool.”

Here are some more pics of the two together:

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