Eddie Murphy: I Quit Acting Because Of Sh*tty Movies!!


Eddie Murphy revealed that he stepped away from acting after making a series of crappy movies.

“I was making sh*tty movies,” he said on The Independent’s “WTF” podcast. “I was like, ‘This sh*t ain’t fun. They’re giving me Razzies…Motherf*ckers gave me the ‘worst actor ever’ Razzie. [So I thought], ‘Maybe it’s time to take a break.'”

He said after deciding to take a short break — his hiatus grew longer and longer. “I’m sitting on the couch, and I could sit on the couch and not get off it, but I don’t want to the last bunch of shit they see me do [to be] bullshit,” he continued.

His new movie “Coming 2 America” is doing well. The star recently joked that he already had an idea for a second sequel.

“There’s an idea for a Coming to America 3 that I have, but it doesn’t happen for 16 years. I have to be 75 to do it, and not make me up like 75 but really be 75,” he said.

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