Ed Sheeran: ‘A South Park Episode F*cking Ruined My Life’

British singer Ed Sheeran says a 2005 episode of South Park ruined his life.

“Having red hair in England was always a thing that people took the piss out of you for, but it was never something in America. People never knew what a ginger was in America,” Sheeran said according to The Independent. “That episode of South Park f*cking ruined my life. I was going to America and everyone was like, ‘I love your hair dude.’ And I was like, ‘Oh my God, people like my hair?’ And then I remember that episode coming out and that was just it worldwide for the rest of my life.”

He added: “I hope that if I’m ever on South Park, them taking the piss, I hope I’m allowed to voice my character,” he said. “Even if it’s very offensive, I’d love to voice my character.”

There is a new series of South Park so the crooner could get his chance.

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