Earl Sweatshirt Reacts To Joe Budden Dissing His Album

Earl Sweatshirt has reacted to Joe Budden trashing his album on his podcast last week.

“its weird that bro didn’t like my mood muzik LOL what happened twin?,” Earl tweeted.

He also tweeted, “aint gon lie I been in transit for what feels like 27 hours im trying real hard not to say a bunch of dumb sh*t on here god guide me off of here.”

Last week, Budden dissed Earl’s “Sick!” album even though he hadn’t listened to it.

“Hell no, I ain’t hear that bullsh*t! And I’ll tell you what, I’m never gonna hear ’em! I am never gonna hear that. I don’t care [that it’s mixed by Young Guru]. That sh*t could be [Michael Jackson’s] Thriller. When would I put that on?” said Budden.

He continued, “That’s my n*gga too, man, but I ain’t listening to that sh*t. Is he on Tyler’s last album? Is he on Tyler’s album before that album? How about the one before that one? All right, yo. Forget it.”

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