Dwyane Wade’s Daughter & Michelle Obama Team Up For Women’s History Month!

Michelle Obama and Zaya Wade are teaming up to give a special message together for Women’s History Month, MTO News has learned. Zaya made the official announcement yesterday on her social media page.

Zaya is the transgender daughter of NBA star Dwyane Wade. The youngster came out as transgender nearly three years ago with the support of her father and his step-mother Gabrielle Union. It’s not clear, however, whether Zaya’s mother – a  Christian minister – fully supports her transition and has not stated publicly whether she sees Zaya as male or a female.

 “Life is a beautiful process of becoming myself,” Zaya told her social media fans. “Who better to talk about Becoming than with Michelle Obama,” Zaya excitedly asked her supporters.

“Becoming” began as Michelle Obama’s memoir and has since evolved into a sort of movement. Many were inspired after reading about the former first lady’s life story, which has included both triumphs and challenges. 

“You can now find the young readers’ edition and paperback edition of Becoming wherever books are sold,” Michelle told her social media fans on Tuesday (Mar. 2). “I’m so grateful to have this opportunity to widen our community, and I’m especially excited to welcome more young people into the fold as they begin their journeys of becoming. I hope you’ll check them out!”

Zaya and Michelle plan to have a conversation – during March, Women’s History Month.

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Zaya’s conversation with Mrs. Obama is expected to revolve around the new edition of the former first lady’s memoir.

“Being honest about who I am and sharing my story in Becoming was one of the most freeing experiences of my life,” Michelle shared in a recent Instagram post. “And one of the highlights of my experience was hearing from so many of you and getting into the kind of deep, honest conversations that leave everyone feeling more connected and nourished,” the former first lady said.

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