Dwayne Wade: I Do Not Lead In My Marriage w/ Gabrielle Union!

Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union are one of the most famous and popular Black couples in the world. The NBA legend and A list actress are #CoupleGoals for millions of people – and typically set an excellent example for others as a couple, as parents and as public figures. 

But as MTO News has reported before – they’re marriage is a bit non-traditional.

And the Wades  are not shy about letting people in on the inner workings of their marriage either. Recently Dwyane provided some commentary on their marriage and  women are now singing his praises!

The NBA star was asked whether he thought a man should “lead” in a marriage and he responded that it is not the man’s role to lead but to “support.”

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Dwyane responded,  “It’s not the man leads and the woman follows, that’s not what we live in this house. For me, I have a wife that works not just as hard, harder than I. She had her own career, her own life, before I came along. From my perspective, I was like, ‘How can I be a part of the growth, the evolution, of who she is?’ Not try to change her or stunt her growth.”

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