Dwarf Billionaire Caught CHEATING On African Model GF . . . w/ A White Woman!!

Eudoxie Yao and her wealthy boyfriend Grand P have called off their relationship after pictures purportedly showing Grand P cheating with a White woman leaked online, MTO News has learned.

Eudoxie and Grand P are one of the oddest couples in the world. Grand P – real name Moussa Kaba – is a Guinean singer and actor who inherited close to a $1 billion fortune from his family, who is big in the oil business, MTO News confirmed.

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He and Eudoxie, a voluptuous plus sized model – who calls herself the African Kim Kardashian – began dating earlier this year. Grand P has been spoiling the beauty with gifts, and showcasing her all over social media. 

The couple quickly went viral for how odd they appeared. Look:

But over the weekend things in their relationship took a turn for the worse, MTO News confirmed.

Photos of Grand P and beautiful blonde woman kissing leaked online, along with rumors that he had been cheating on Eudoxie with multiple women.


Curvy Ivorian socialite, Eudoxie went to Facebook hours after the pics leaked and announce that her relationship with Grand P is over and she will now be focusing on her music.

She wrote, “My Baby, Grand P I’m not happy with you honestly! I need to see you once more. Your infidelities are overpowering. Going on like this, I couldn’t say whether I will want to get married anymore! You said you love me, yet all the time you are seen kissing other women. Frankly, I am very disheartened.”

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