Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman’s Daughter Says He’s Racist & Homophobic!!


Duane “Dog’ Chapman’s daughter, Bonnie Chapman, is accusing her father of being a racist homophobe.

According to Bonnie, her father’s new wife, Francie Frane, told her that she wasn’t invited to their wedding because of her “choice to participate in social justice and BLM protests with ‘The System’, and not condemn the streaming platform when they fired my father for using epithets.”

Her biological mother, Beth Chapman, died of cancer two years ago.

“I have expressed time and time again my ever-growing disappointment in my father’s progression into his old racist ways,” Bonnie went on. “I had forgiven my father after my mother’s death for countless actions that I shouldn’t have.”

“He would cheat on my mom all the time, and I hated him every time he did it, but I forgave him for that because I wanted a relationship with my dad,” adding, “I thought I had only one parent left. I was left with the racist and homophobic parents. My mother was a shining light in the void. I can no longer watch someone diminish her light with his hatred.”

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