Drea Kelly Responds To Critics: I Will Forever Be R. Kelly’s Ex-Wife

Drea Kelly has responded to critics who have slammed her for speaking on her time with the disgraced star.

She says she will always be the star’s ex-wife, and by sharing her experiences, it does not take away all Kelly has achieved.

“I’m not always talking about him, I’m always talking about my journey. Unfortunately he was apart of the journey, so you can’t have one without the other. Again, like you said it’s one of those things where people can break up and you move on, in some people’s mind I will forever will R. Kelly’s ex wife. And that is fine I don’t have a problem with that,” Drea told TheJasmineBRAND.


She continued: “What I have a problem with is, you attack me and you kinda discount my journey just because you support him. I don’t have a problem honey you can support him til the day he die. If you want to buy his albums, that’s your business, I don’t care. But that doesn’t then give you a right to attack me because you support him. Have our opinion that is fine, but I know that that’s something that I will never get away from just because it was so tumultuous, so toxic, and shocking.”

She says that her trying to help others does not mean she is trying to hurt Kelly.

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