Drake Unfollows Rihanna & ASAP Rocky After Baby Announcement: ‘He’s Really Hurt’!!

Drake is not taking the A$AP Rocky and Rihanna baby news well, two people close to the rapper told MTO News.

Drake is reportedly so “hurt” by the announcement that he’s blocked both Rihanna and A$AP’s IG posts from showing up on his timeline. Yesterday a tweet went out claiming that Drake ‘Unfollowed” Rihanna and A$AP shortly after their baby announcement.

MTO News confirmed that Drake unfollowed the two, look:

But we also reached out to people close to Drake, to hear first hand what his reaction was to the news. One of Drake’s associates told MTO News, “he’s hurt.”

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The insider continued,”Drake always felt that at some point, he’d end up with Rihanna and they’d grow old together. He told her that.”

And another insider explained how he harbors resentment towards A$AP Rocky, who Drake believes went behind his back and started dating Rihanna. That Drake Associate explained to MTO News, “When A$AP first started messing with Rihanna, Drake was wining and dining her. He wanted to get with Rihanna, but she chose A$AP on the low.”

Drake and A$AP’s friendship withered after he started seeing Rihanna, according to our source.

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