Drake Fires Shots At Kanye West; Claims He ‘F**KED’ Kim Kardashian As ‘Revenge’!

Rap superstar Drake appears to be firing a double barrel shotgun at Kanye West, MTO News has learned. Social media thinks that Drake is claiming that he f**ked Kanye West’s wife Kim Kardashian.

And Drake is being extra savage with his alleged claim. According to Drake, Kim really “wasn’t his type.” Drake appears to suggest in the track that he had relations with Kanye’s wife – just to get revenge against Kanye, who he’s been feuding with for years.

Drake’s allegations came on a new track with French Montana that is scheduled to be released on Drake’s upcoming album later this summer, MTO News has learned.

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On the new song Drake talks about beef with “a rapper” whom he doesn’t name specifically, but it’s speculated to be Kanye. Drake is also heard saying “f**k a rappers wife she ain’t even my type but I’ll make a sacrifice.”

Drake and Kanye have been low key beefing for the last couple of years – off and on.

So far neither Kanye nor Kim Kardashian have responded to the track.

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