Drake Accused Of SLEEPING w/ Kylie Jenner Behind Travis’ Back: Is Drake The Baby Daddy?

Drake is making news today, after he and Kanye West had an epic concert in Los Angeles yesterday, to free notorious Chicago gang leader Larry Hoover, who co-founded the Gangster Disciples.

But Drake is also making news today, for allegedly creeping with Travis Scott’s baby’s mother Kylie Jenner. News of Drake’s alleged shenanigans with Kylie was dropped from the woman claiming to be Tristan Thompson’s baby’s mother.

The tea!

According to Tristan’s newest baby’s moms, Tristan told her that Drake had been carrying on a secret affair with Kylie behind Travis’ back.

The woman wrote, “You know Drake slept with Kylie last year but you weren’t man enough to tell Travis.” Look:

After the woman spilled the alleged tea, Tristan reportedly reached out to the woman, and asked her to “please stop” being messy on social media. Tristan added, “We can talk about this like adults.” He continued, “I’ll be in Houston in a few weeks.”

The explosive revelation has folks all over Twitter wondering if Kylie – who is currently pregnant – may be carrying Drake’s baby instead of Travis’. It’s an unlikely scenario, especially given that the woman’s “tea” is uncorroborated and the timeline doesn’t seem to fit.

But you know Twitter . . . it has no chill.

We hope for both Kylie and Travis’ sake that the baby doesn’t come out resembling Drake.

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