Dr. Umar Johnson Challenges Mike Tyson To A Fight!!

Dr. Umar Johnson says he wants to step into the ring with Mike Tyson.

During his interview with Freddie Gibbs, the pair said they did not agree with Dr. Umar’s views on interracial dating. Umar is very against it.

“If he has hate, then it can’t be cool. None of it’s cool if hate is involved,” said Mike Tyson. “I don’t care if it’s dictation, rhymes; they can’t be cool.”

Dr. Umar saw the clip and clapped back.

“As far as the Mike Tyson Hot Boxin’ podcast, I would love to have this conversation with you, brother, any day you want,” he said. “Any day Mike Tyson wants to have a conversation with Dr. Umar on his podcast about interracial dating, Black politics, Black economics, and any other topic you wanna discuss, brother Mike Tyson, I’m ready to have that conversation.”

He said he could last five rounds with Tyson.

“I can survive five rounds, but I cannot beat Mike Tyson. I would never disrespect his legacy like that, but I think I can survive five rounds, and I can get a couple of shots in,” he said.

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