Dr. Heavenly To Toya Bush-Harris: You’s The B*tch That I’d Never Want To Be!!

Married to Medicine star Dr. Heavenly Kimes is not a fan of cast member Toya Bush-Harris, and recently savagely broke down exactly why.

Toya accused Heavenly of being jealous of her. Heavenly responded:

 “B*tch you is not the one to follow, you just not. I’m sorry. There’s nothing you got that I want. I’m sorry. I hate to put it like this. You work your man.” 


She continued, “You don’t try to help. You complain about everything. Toya, you’s the b*tch that I’d never want to be. I don’t want my kids to ever see a b*tch like you cause I don’t respect it at all. And I’m sorry I have to say it this way. I don’t respect you because I don’t like the way you do your husband. And I ain’t got nothing to do with it. Like I say, I love my husband. Based on my thought process and love, love is as the wife, you’re the helpmate.”

Did she go too far?

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