Dr. Dre’s Last Text To His Ex-Wife Nicole Young

Dr. Dre has revealed his last text message to his estranged wife Nicole Young.

 “Let’s keep it friendly and peaceful. Over and Out. I love you,” he wrote to Nicole in August 2020 in court documents obtained by RadarOnline.


Nicole is trying to get half of Dr. Dre’s fortune after claiming that he destroyed their prenup decades ago. She also says he was physically abusive to her. Dr. Dre says he was never abusive to her.

“There were never any domestic violence claims made by Nicole before or during our marriage, formal or informal,” Dre responds in the court papers. “At no time were the police ever called during our marriage. I was present for Nicole’s deposition. She testified that there are no witnesses to the alleged abuse and she admitted that she never told anyone, including her mother or siblings or other family or friends about any alleged abuse.”

Their divorce battle is still going on.

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