Dr. Dre’s Estranged Wife Loses BIG In Divorce Case


Dr. Dre and wife Nicole Young were married for twenty-four years. This year the couple  split and is locked in one of the messiest divorce battles in all of music history. Young who is determined to get what she believes is her rightful share of the couple’s billon-dollar empire took a major “L”, this week MTO News has learned.

Nicole is trying to get half of the couple’s empire which includes Beats By Dre, several other brand partnerships, and decades worth of music masters. 

For much of this year, however, their divorce case had been dragging on in court, and Nicole seems to be fed up with the waiting. 


According to a report by The Blast, she attempted to have the legendary producer/artist sanctioned, accusing him of withholding financial documents including contracts other personal financial information and tax returns, in an attempt to drain her of money and force things to go his way. 

But the court did not see things her way and denied her motion for relief. The court said:

“The Court further finds the imposition of sanctions, at this stage, and given the events here, is deemed unwarranted,” reads the reported response by a Los Angeles Superior Court judge. This comes after Nicole said that Dre was refusing to sit for an in-person deposition, which would include Nicole. Dre’s estranged wife was set to question him about his alleged mistresses, his finances, and more. 

This is Nicole’s second major loss as earlier this year her request for temporary spousal support in the amount of 2 million dollars a month was also denied by the court.

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