Dr. Dre Hands Out An “L” With His First Tweet In Almost 2 Years

Dr Dre is back on Twitter again, after being off the social media platform for the last two years. And his first tweet, was to deliver an “L” to a popular singer, MTO News has learned.

Dr. Dre confused his followers on Twitter, by responding to a tweet tagging responding artist VV Brown and the Metro UK with a simple “L.” 

“@VVbrown great to see @VVbrown in today’s @MetroUK,” the original post reads, which was posted on August 3rd.

It’s not clear what – if any – connection Dre would have to VV Brown or why he would call the tweet an “L” is unclear.

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Monday’s post was the first time Dre tweeted since November 18th, 2019, when he shared a photo of himself in the studio with Kanye West. “Ye and Dre Jesus is King Part II Coming Soon,” he wrote in that tweet.

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