Doordash REFUSES To Deliver To Chicago Man … Tells Him ‘Ur In The Opps Hood’!! (Pics)

If you live in the hood in Chicago, you may not be able to use Doordash to get food deliveries. That’s because some of the delivery drivers are scared to deliver in the “opps” neighborhood, MTO News has learned.

A Chicago man ordered some Chinese food from Doordash. But instead of his food, he received a message stating that the delivery can not be made.

The delivery driver explained that he lives in the “opps hood” and that he won’t be making the delivery because, “my life is more important than yo food.”

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The delivery person was polite about it, and told the Chicago man to request a refund for his order. He ended the message by saying, “I fwu tho long as you understand the vibes.”

Here’s the message, that has since gone viral.

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