Doorbell Cam Records Man Asking Homeowner To Come Outside So He Can R*pe and Kill Her!!


A creepy man was caught on camera asking a homeowner to come outside so that he could rape and kill her.

The woman is home alone, but her husband is alerted to what’s going on and uses the remote voice feature to speak with the man.

“Yeah! Can you hear me? What I’m looking for is for the girl that’s in the house to come out here, because I’m going to rape her and kill her,” he says politely. “Can you have her open the door?”

“I’m going to rape and kill the girl that’s behind this door when she lets me in. I want to rape her and kill her. I have a knife, and a gun.” Yeah! And I’m just gonna knock on the door again.”

He then walks away. The cops were then called and turned up to review the footage. He was booked into the Clark County Detention Center on charges of stalking, coercion and obstructing a police officer. His name has not been made available to the public however.

Click here to watch the disturbing video.

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