Doodie Lo’s Baby Mama: The ‘Child M*lestation’ Claims Against Him Was A Lie, I’m Sorry!


On October 27, Doodie Lo’s baby mama and fellow artist Britney Elder (better known as FTN Bae) went viral after MTO News learned that she went on Instagram and accused the Chicago rapper of s*domiz*ng her 5-year-old son with screws in August.


As “proof” the alleged abuse, Britney shared audio of her son crying as he recounted the alleged abuse.

Immediately Doodie Lo — real name David Saulsberry — denied the disturbing allegations. According to Doodie Lo, it was Britney who “groomed” her son to accuse him of the heinous crime with video evidence to support the story. Doodie Lo added that Britney had been harassing him for weeks following their split and fabricated the allegations out of spite.

Well now it turns out that Doodie Lo was right, and the abuse allegations were completely false. Britney admitted to it yesterday on Youtube.

In the video, which MTO News provided an excerpt below, Britney claims that Doodie Lo passed two lie detector tests, and she apologized for accusing him of such a heinous crime.

But she may not be able to get away with just an apology. MTO News confirmed that According to court documents shared on Twitter (and compiled by DJ Akademiks), the 30-year-old rapper has filed a $5 million lawsuit against his ex-girlfriend, accusing her of defamation, emotional distress and irrevocable harm to his reputation that has resulted in him losing income and business opportunities. 

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