Doja Cat FIGHTS BACK Plastic Surgery Rumors; Claims She’s ‘ALL NATURAL’! (Lies Or True?)

Pop singer Doja Cat went off on Instagram Live yesterday, after a popular YouTube created a video where she pointed out plastic surgery that she believed Doja underwent.

MTO News confirmed that Doja WENT OFF when she saw the video. According to Doja Cat, she’s 100% natural. Here’s Doja going CRAZY over a blogger’s claim that she had surgery.

Doja claims she never had a nose job, nor a BBL, nor anything else.


In a 2018 interview with Vlad TV, Doja revealed that she had been shamed for her natural body before, but she doesn’t care, and she would not have surgery. She said: “There’s a little things I would like to do, for sure. I thought about getting eyelash extensions. Little things. I wouldn’t get my lips done, I wouldn’t get my nose done.”

But she’s not always been so against plastic surgery. Last year, MTO News confirmed Doja explained that she always wanted to be different all her life, and with her new fame and fortune, she’s ready to take that step. 

 “I wanna get surgery so bad. My whole life I always wanted to be different and now that I got money I feel like I can finally make my knees 8 inches long and wet,” she says via Twitter.

After she let off a series of tweets explaining her wishes, a Twitter user was curious to know why she wanted “wet” knees? She explained, “I just want them to be constantly dripping wet with an unidentified liquid cuz I feel like thats hella sexy as a girl.”

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