Doja Cat Accused Of Using ‘Lite Skin Privilege’ To Copy Nicki Minaj!


Female rap/pop singer Doja Cat is being criticized across social media – for using “lite skinned privilege” and copying Nicki Minaj’s style, MTO News has learned.

The drama started when a Twitter user seemingly called out Azaelia Banks for “fatshaming” Doja Cat. “Just for her to finally admit now that Doja is also a bonafide star.. Hm k.” 

The tweet prompted an Azaelia Banks rant, which dragged and exposed Doja Cat.


“Actually, I’m the bonafide star, wrote Banks, “Doja makes music for ten year olds and is very derivative. Cute girl, but her attempts at witty east coast Roman reloaded flows are pitiful and not in the least amusing. And yes she looked terrible before she lost weight. Cut azealia & doja are miles more culturally important than any of these weak ass white socialites.”

Then Azaelia really went off – claiming that the biracial Doja is using “lite skinned privilege” to rise to stardom. Azaelia also claims that Doja is blatantly copying Nicki Minaj’s style.

After the post, thousands of Nicki fans began speaking on this issue – and dragging Doja.

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