DJ Spinderella: Tupac Was Furious He Was Removed From ‘Whatta Man’ Video!!

Salt-N-Pepa did not include DJ Spinderella in their recent biopic despite her being an integral part of the group.

During a recent interview with Hollywood Unlocked‘s Jason Lee, she spilled the tea as to why Tupac Shakur’s face was never shown in the “Whatta Man” video.


“I think they were thinking Tupac’s image was a little too rough for Salt-N-Pepa,” she said. “He was furious about that because them not showing him was supposedly benefitting Salt-N-Pepa’s image. That’s the take that I got, which is crazy because ‘Pac, he stood for something. He stood for something and he spoke — he was prophetic. He was just a standard that people adhere to in Hip-Hop. He was like a bible. And I don’t know, they wanted the squeaky clean image for Salt-N-Pepa.”

She added: “They showed his tattoo. You saw his tattoo. And if that’s the case, why was Treach in it? Because Treach wasn’t the most perfect person either. I don’t know! I love my brothers.”

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