DJ Envy Says Ma’Khia Bryant Shooting Was Justified

DJ Envy has claimed that the police killing of 16-year-old Black teenager, Ma’Khia Bryant, was justified.

During The Breakfast Club, Charlamagne claimed the officer could have shot her in the leg.

“He definitely could have shot her in the leg or something. But that’s not the way police officers operate. That’s not the way that they’re trained. I think it was excessive and I do not think that young girl should be dead today. Even if this is one that’s legally justified, I’ve heard social workers say they’ve broken up knife fights. I refuse to believe that was the only way to handle that situation,” he said.


DJ Envy did not agree. “I don’t agree with you on this one. I mean, the cop got a call that said that, you know, these women were jumping somebody. They hop out the car and see a woman going at another woman with a knife. Yeah, maybe, if they would have shot her in the foot, or shot her in the leg, who’s to say she still couldn’t stab the young girl.”

Is he right?

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