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DJ Envy Defends 50 Cent After Benzino Threatens Legal Action

DJ Envy has defended 50 Cent after Benzino threatened to sue him. 50 has been trolling Benzino over his affiliation with a trans woman.

"I don't know what he would sue 50 for," Envy told TMZ. "I mean, 50's my brother and I think everybody knows that, but I don't know why [Benzino] would sue. What is he suing 50 for?"

"I don't know what [Benzino's] love life is or his sex life is, but if it was public, I don't think you can sue somebody," Envy continued. "I don't know, you could sue anybody for anything in today's age. But I mean, good luck." 

50 Cent has been telling Benzino to come out of the closet and also suggested that Zino and former G Unit rapper Young Buck should start dating each other.

 "When I look at Fif, when I say he's my brother, you know when your brother can't do nothin' wrong, he can't do nothin' wrong in my book," Envy says.