Diplo Denies Sexual Assault Allegations

Diplo has denied allegations of sexual assault. He says the woman in question was a stalker he slept with consensually.

It was my goal to never address a stalker,” he wrote on Instagram. “She was an obsessed fan of mine, and after I relinquished all contact with her, it appears that her only purpose in life has been to disrupt my work, my business, harass me and my close friends and attack me and threaten my family.”

He continued, “To be clear, SA was not a minor when I had conversations or sexual intercourse with her…This girl was nothing but a scammer that coerced me into meeting her twice.”

“I had a night of consensual sex with her,” Diplo added. “Basically, SA reached out to me and I declined a few times but at one time decided to meet her.”

He says she began to act like a stalker for three years.


“We began to speak again and she had flown to Las Vegas to go to one of my shows and said she had a group of friends that wanted to hook up…Her and her friends ended up at an after party and asked me to go to my room, we all ended up having sex that night.”

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