Diddy Says He’s The King Of New York, Miami & L.A!!

Music mogul Diddy is not known for being shy, and in a clip circulating the interview, he declared himself as the king of New York, Miami and Los Angeles.

“We have a lot of kings, but P baby, we’re going to put some respect on that name,” he says directly to the camera. “Since I’m king of New York, Miami, and L.A, I come with greetings from the other empires. I pay respect to you.”

Earlier this week, a former FBI agent spoke to the New York Post. He said:

“Death Row Records founder Marion “Suge” Knight financed the hit on Brooklyn rapper Notorious B.I.G. — an execution carried out by Nation of Islam convert and hired hitman Amir Muhammad with the help of corrupt Los Angeles cops, according to an FBI agent who worked the case and sources who have seen sealed court documents,” the article reads.


The former agent claimed the real target was Diddy.

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