Diddy Says He Was Depressed


Diddy Combs lives a baller life, but he revealed he was depressed last week.

“It is Friday and I can’t lie, I had a rough f*cking week. I ain’t gonna lie. I went into a dark state, which is a little state of depression; like how could you be depressed and I you got so much sh*t. I don’t know how that sh*t works. h I just kept fighting and start asking God to help me. I kept praying to God and God helped me. I kept breathing. You gotta fight your way out and I did thanks to the glory of God. I let God and I let go,” he says.


Last week the rapper went on Live and publicly dissed the Richard Mille designer timepieces.

“The Richard Mille is like a TimeEx or some sh*t like that, you know what I’m saying? It’s not hot, its not hot, its not hot! I have like two or three, I never pull them out, they ugly! I don’t even want to hate, I don’t even know Richard Mille. But f*ck it, I want some Black sh*t. Black men save your money and go buy a house.” 

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