Diddy ‘GIFTS’ New GF Young Miami $250,000 A Month In ‘SPENDING MONEY’!!

Careesha from the City Girls and billionaire Sean “Diddy” Combs are currently dating. They are reportedly head over heels and seem to be getting a lot out of the relationship. Diddy, gets to have one of the most beautiful, young, and talented artists on his arm.

And Careesha reportedly gets at least $250,000 every month in “spending money” from Diddy, MTO News has learned.

MTO News spoke with one of Careesha’s insiders who spilled some tea on their relationship. Careesha’s pal explained that, “She [Careesha] gets everything she wants from Diddy, he’s got all the money in the world. He gives her like 250 a month just to buy what she wants.”

MTO News later received clarification that the “250” Careesha’s friend described her as receiving was $250,000.

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Didd, a 51-year-old icon, is best known for his record label Bad Boy Entertainment, his solo musical career and other entrepreneurial pursuits.

The hip-hop mogul is one of the highest-paid and richest celebrities in the world and has been for two decades plus. Between 2000 and 2020, Diddy earned well over $1 billion from his majorly lucrative business empire.

Diddy earns money from music royalties, partnerships and sponsorships and his investments in brands like Ciroq vodka. The superstar also owns a stake in DeLeon tequila and an alkaline water brand called Aquahydrate.

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