Diddy DUMPS Yung Miami; Reunites w/ Thick Asian Model Who Aborted His Kid! (Receipts)

Rap mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs has split from his City Girls girlfriend Yung Miami, MTO News has confirmed. According to one of Young Miami’s girlfriends the couple split last week – and Young Miami is upset about it.

MTO News reached out of one of Young Miami’s friends, and she spilled the tea to us, explaining, “[Careesha] and Diddy broke up. Hell ya she’s upset.” The friend continued, “She wasn’t in love with [Diddy], but she was in love with that n***a money.” As MTO News reported, Diddy,51, had been paying the 26 year old Careesha a large “sugar baby” salary for the past couple of months.

Young Miami went on IG yesterday, and showed just how hurt she is – by revealing the playlist that she’s currently listening to. All the songs on it are heartbreak anthems:

So what’s Diddy doing? Well MTO News learned that Diddy was spotted out with his longtime Asian side chick Gina Huynh over the weekend at Usher’s Las Vegas residency. Diddy and Usher performed together and while singing their smash hit single, “I Need a Girl” Diddy pointed at Gina in the crowd.

Gina is taking the below video – and watch Diddy point at her while on stage:

Here are some more images of Gina:

It’s actually quite surprising that Diddy and Gina are back together. Two years ago, MTO News reported that Gina gave an interview to blogger Tasha K. In the interview, Gina claimed that Diddy would from time-to-time physically beat her up. She also claimed that she aborted the billionaire rap mogul’s child.


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